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Producers of industrial gases place rightfully so high demands on the cleaning of their compressors, the heart of their production. It is particularly evident for all components in contact with O2 gas that they have to be grease free for 100%. All too often use is made of human and environmental hazardous solvents such as toluene, MEC, PERC and acetone.  However Indusclean developed in 2003 a human- and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning alternative. Using an in-house designed ultrasonic mobile unit with a length of 5000 mm the cleaning of rotors can take place on-site. In this way these critical components will stay on site, thus eliminating the risk of damage during transportation to an absolute minimum. This cleaning facility can also be used for tubular heat exchangers (gas- water- or oil applications) as well as bronze filtration cartridges for O2 gas filtration. A final inspection with an UV lasmp will give certainty on surface purity and complete absence of grease.

>> Ultrasonic

>> Thermal

>> Glycol

>> Dry Ice

>> Water-based