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Total Acid Number

Total Acid Number is an analytical test to determine the deterioration of lubricants. The more acidic a lubricant is, the further its degradation has proceeded. As oils or hydraulic fluids breakdown, they generally form acidic byproducts that can be corrosive to metal components, accelerate wear, form deposits and increase viscosity. As a fluid degrades, the levels of corrosive acids increase along with the danger of component failure. Oxidation as measured by IR spectroscopy correlates well with TAN.

Some fluids are already acidic in their formulation; therefore, the most effective means to measure for acidity is in its change compared to a new fluid or to the previous sample. Wet chemical titration techniques can be used to accurately determine TAN; however, simpler, and less expensive, tests such as infrared spectroscopy are usually applied to measure oxidation by modern laboratories because it eliminates the need for a complex chemical analysis.





>TAN : Total Acid Number

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