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The quality of BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts

BOLLFILTERs for the filtration of liquid substances enjoy an excellent reputation world-wide, thanks to their filtering performance, their quality and their reliability. Normally they are maintenance- and wear-free in operation. However, it can happen that parts of a BOLLFILTER have to be replaced, for example due to problems in other parts of the plant or inadvertent damage.
In such cases only the use of BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts will guarantee that, after the parts are changed, the filter will operate as well as it did before.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that we do not recommend using imitation products which are available on the „grey market”.

For an only slightly lower price, the customer receives goods of lower quality. Using these parts can lead to serious consequential damage, resulting in high subsequent costs.
There are numerous practical reasons why you should exclusively use BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts.
Only the use of BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts enables the user of a BOLLFILTER to claim under the manufacturing warranty of perfect operation.

With the use of BOLLFILTER Genuine Parts you can be sure to get top quality at a reasonable price.

Get the required spare part directly from Boll & Kirch and you can be sure to have exactly the part which belongs to your filter. Boll & Kirch has exclusive know-how with the archived production records that protects the customer reliably from purchasing a wrong part.


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