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>Process Filtration

3M Purification Inc. offers a full line of cartridges in a cylindrical depth filter construction in various materials, configurations, and grades designed to meet the application needs.


Designed for efficiency in demanding markets, applications, and environments, Eaton’s innovative pipeline basket strainer, mechanically cleaned filter, tubular backwashing filter, bag filter and bag housing, cartridge filter and cartridge housing, and gas liquid separator solutions help optimze filtration performance and quality, as well as plant productivity.

Hayward filters vessels are offered with either bag or cartridge filtration for removing solids that may clog your process fluid lines.

GAF Filter Systems, the company that introduced the concept of liquid bag filtration has been leading the industry with innovative concepts and products for more than 30 years. Its reputation for excellence in design and manufacture of filter bags and pressure vessels is unparalleled.


Parker's key Process Filtration Divisions have integrated to provide high-quality global filtration solutions to meet the processing needs of a wide range of markets