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STAUFF Filtration Technology offers a complete range of filtration products and services that will provide the system designer or user with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications.
ARGO-HYTOS manufactures sophisticated filter solutions, mainly applied in hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as in transmissions. The range of solutions that have been implemented extend from stationary industrial plants to mobile

For more than four decades, we have been devoting ourselves to solutions for prolonging service lifetimes and protecting components. The enhancement of availability of your hydraulic and lubrication systems and shorter down times are our main objectives.

The HILCO® Division cost-effectively brings fluid contamination problems under control. HILCO engineers a full-range of filters, cartridges, vessels, vent mist eliminators, transfer valves, reclaimers, coolant recyclers and systems, and membrane filtration systems.
Many years of expertise,the outstanding properties of our unique filter materials, advanced procedures, and a seamless modular range of proven filters and equipment for maintaining optimal levels of cleanness in hydraulic fluids and lubricants – these are the solid foundations on which MAHLE fluid technology is based.
Today, the manufacturer of hydraulic and lubricating fluid has turned into an international corporation, which accompanies their customers into the future as a professional partner in technology.
Pall fluid management solutions enable customers to purify and conserve water, consume less energy, make alternative energy possible and practical, advance medicine, and minimize emissions and waste

Water-absorbing hydraulic filters feature a specailly designed media that traps not only solid contaminants like dirt and rust, but damaging water as well.  As the element fills with water and plugging occurs, flow is restircted and the head goes into a bypass mode.  Water-absorbing spin-on hydraulic filters are available for virtually any application and are available in a 10 micron rating.
Specialises in providing filtration solutions for a large range of industrial, mobile, and process applications.
MP Filtri designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of Hydraulic filters, and accessories for the fluid power industry. In addition, we will strive to meet individual customer requirements.
Facet's products are employed in diverse markets including general industry, aviation, petrochemical, power generation, marine and military. They are also used to prevent environmental contamination in a range of applications.